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There are many questions that fill our minds during the Easter season.  What shall I wear?  Did you order the lilies?  Where will we hide the Easter eggs?  Where will we eat Easter brunch and who should we invite?  Should we attend the early worship service or the late?  But there is one question that is truly Easters bottom-line question.  It is the question Jesus asked at Bethany when, after proclaiming that He, Himself, was the resurrection and the life and that those who believed and put their trust in Him would have eternal life, He asked, “Do You Believe This?”  (John 11:26)

  • For Christians this is the most holy season of the year and it centers around the one event that separates Christianity from all of the thousands of religions, gurus, prophets and belief systems that exist in the world.  That event is the resurrection of Christ after he died on the cross and was buried in the tomb.  He met with his disciples and they spoke to him about many things.  He even allowed Thomas to place his hand in the wounds to assure him it was true.  In our world today we have religious leaders proclaiming that this or that great spiritual leader is the same as God and that we should accept that as fact and yet there is a very distinct difference between all other prophets, deities and spiritual leaders when compared to Jesus Christ.  ALL died and went to the grave where they stayed EXCEPT Jesus Christ.

It Is Personal.  “Do YOU believe this?”  Perhaps the lord put the inflection on “you” in the question in order to drive home to our hearts that it is personal.  I have known people who have virtually lived their lives on what someone else believed as though they would eventually benefit by some sort of spiritual osmosis.  Unfortunately the message at Easter is “Do YOU believe this?”

It is Pointed.  “Do you BELIEVE this?”  Perhaps the Lord put the inflection on “believe” to have them examine their faith and confidence.  It is one thing to know the gospel story intellectually.  It is one thing to try to conform ourselves to the premise being presented.  It is even another thing to argue for it apologetically and reason about it.  Yet the challenge presented is to transfethe trust from yourself and your efforts to Christ.

It Is Precise.  “Do You believe THIS?”  In the context of the scripture Jesus is asking do you believe that I am the resurrection and the life.  That is what This is.  We must believe the gospel as it is written.  All of it!

Do You Believe This?

Happy Easter All!

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