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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Most of you have already bought the gifts, wrapped them and stacked them neatly under the tree.  I, on the other hand, am the great procrastinator and have yet to begin.  My dilemma is trying to get the perfect gift for those on my list.  Ever tried It?  Getting the perfect gift for each person on your list.

God has the perfect gift for each of you this Christmas.  God gave us the perfect gift of love and demonstrated it by sending his only son.

He gave us the perfect gift of unlimited love.  It never runs out and is always there for us.  Each of us has that same capability and need to give as much love as we can.

He gave us the perfect gift of unending love.  Too often in our world today we say that our love died for this or that person.  Love is an action and not a word or series of words.  We need to be a doer of love.  The words are good but it is the actions that matter the most.  Try more random acts of love for your family which includes the family of mankind.

He gave us the perfect gift of unconditional love.  This is perhaps the most difficult for us to emulate.  We get so caught up in what someone said or did to us or our family.  We also tend to give love to those who act, think, or look like ourselves.  Love your enemies, it will drive them Nuts!

He also gave us the perfect gift of His undeserved love.  Scripture tells us there is none worthy, no not one.  Give your love to everyone, not just those you think deserve it.

The Christmas Story also gives us the picture of what is important and that is Family.  Gifts break, gather dust, and ultimately we lose interest in them.  Family is forever.  Practice God’s perfect gifts this season . . . and throughout the coming year.

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