Prisoner of War Being Held – Bo Bergdahl, U.S. Army Sgt.

Right now, the Taliban are believed to be holding prisoner Bo Bergdahl, a 25-year old U.S. Army sergeant from Hailey, Idaho. He is the only U.S. soldier held by the insurgents at this time. He was taken captive June 20, 2009 in Afghanistan. Over the past two years, we have seen video footage indicating, as we hope, that Sgt. Bergdahl is still alive, despite growing increasingly thin and showing signs of injury. It was reported this past December that Sgt. Bergdahl had made a daring attempt to escape, but was recaptured. No further information has since been released about his captivity, whereabouts or status.

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Imagine being held prisoner for years of your life, not knowing when or if you will ever see your loved ones again. Imagine the fear and the frustration you would feel with each passing day. And imagine what it must be like to face this kind of struggle alone. Ladies and gentlemen, Sgt. Bergdahl needs your thoughts and prayers, on this upcoming Memorial Day and every day until he is returned home to us.

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Americans, as we know, can be forgetful of the
sacrifices made by military members, veterans and their families. Beyond the many citations for valor are the untold, undocumented stories of men and women who live with the scars of war. Many American sons and daughters are returning with amputations, disfigurements, physical illnesses due to environmental exposures, traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder, among other ailments. It is nearly impossible for these veterans and their families to forget the sacrifices they made, so why should we allow our own memories to lapse? They did, after all, stand up for every one of us here today.

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Excerpt by Dan Clare, National Director of
Communications – Dated: April 12, 2012

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