Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q. Where can I find the Service Officer information?

1.A. Click on the tab under Service Officers on the home page or click here:


2.Q.  I need to get a copy of my DD214 how can I get it the fastest?

2.A. http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/

Recent military service and medical records arenot online. However, most veterans and their next-of-kin can obtain free copies of their DD Form 214 (REeport of Seperation) and other records several ways:

3. Q. What is a Veteran?

3. A. I have met many veterans who do not define their status as a veteran, they will tell me they never went to war, were not shot at while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan or that they were only in the military for 4 years and were never deployed.

A veteran is defined by federal law, moral code and military service as “Any, Any, Any”… A military veteran is Any person who served for Any length of time in Any military service branch. (Source) http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/whatvet.htm)

4. Q. How do I know if I am a Disabled American Veteran?

4. A. For some with a missing limb it is easy to see they are disabled for others the disability may come after they have left the military or cannot be seen with the human eye such as post-traumatic stress disorder.  I know a Master Gunnery Sgt. that was in the military for over 20 years; he served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and was honorably discharged.  Over the years he developed several medical problems due to his years in the military such as ringing in the ears, sleep disorders, a knee problem that resulted in him having to have surgery and was having marital problems at home.  He thought because he had never been shot at that he wasn’t a disabled veteran.  I suggested he go visit his local DAV office and to bring along with him his DD214 form and any medical records he had to see if they could him.  The DAV helped him file paperwork with the VA and he is now receiving treatment for PTSD and was given a breathing machine at night to help him with his sleep disorders.  His wife told me she is so thankful her husband is getting the treatment he has needed for many years and that she no longer feels the need to hit him over the head with a frying pan!

I am sure many of you and your loved ones have experienced frustration with your spouse or yourself but do not feel like you are alone.  There are many veterans who are suffering the after effects from serving in our military and they all need to know there is help available for them.   There are disabled veterans walking around from every war.  They are hurt and suffering in their own ways.  How many veterans have committed suicide this year?  No veteran should ever suffer for lack of support once they come home.  If you have ever served in the military for any length of time and was discharged with an honorable or other honorable conditions the DAV can help you.

For service connected disabilities, the DAV files claims and for non-serviced connected disabilities, the DAV work to get them pensions.  The DAV also provides transportation to pick up veterans and take them to their medical appointments and other necessary needs.

5.Q.  Why do I need to file my Power of Attorney with my local DAV?

5.A. It allows the DAV to file the VA claim on your behalf  to be your advocate and help with any appeals.  Please go into your local DAV chapter and file your power of attorney with a Service Officer. This is a 4-part form and all four copies must have an original signature.  If you know any soldier getting out of the military or any veteran even if they do not have a VA rating it is important that this document be on file with the DAV in case it is ever needed.  The DAV can also file claims on behalf of widows of Disabled American Veterans.

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