The Links below will keep you up to date with Oklahoma Legislation affecting our Veterans.  The two maps will let you find your District for the House and Senate.  The House and Senate list will identify your Representative and Senator along with their email.  Please be sure to add them to your email contacts; as you may be called upon throughout the year to contact them in support or opposition to legislation and issues facing Oklahoma Veterans.

The bottom link is the the National DAV Commander Action Network where you can register and be notified of Federal Legislation concerning Veterans.

OK Veterans Legislation  Other Bills to Track are HB 2293 HB2786 HB 3125

Map Statewide Senate Districts

Map Statewide Legislative Districts

2018 State House of Representatives

2018 State Senators

Commander Delphine Metcalf-Foster’s 2018 Testimony Before Congress

DAV’s Critical Policy Goals for 2018

Commanders Action Network link    https://www.dav.org/can/



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