VA Emergency Transportation Access Act

Government reimbursement rates for certain types of highly specialized emergency transportation have been significantly lower than the true costs of providing such services.

Earlier this year, the VA finalized a proposed rule change to cut its reimbursement rate for emergency air medical transportation. During health emergencies, this reduction could put an estimated 4.7 million veterans living in rural and remote communities, who already struggle to get reliable access to health care, at even greater risk.

H.R. 5530, the VA Emergency Transportation Access Act, would limit the VA’s ability to change payment rates for transporting veterans and eligible individuals on specialized transportation modes.

DAV supports H.R. 5530, in accordance with DAV Resolution No. 323, which calls on VA to provide equitable access to transportation options for veterans who need specialized forms of transportation to VA facilities.

We call on DAV members and supporters to contact their representative and urge them to co-sponsor and support H.R. 5530, the VA Emergency Transportation Access Act.

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