 Phony telephone number scam targets veterans:

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning regarding a new scam, preying on veterans who are making decisions about their medical care. The VA’s Veterans Choice Program allows eligible vets to use approved health-care providers outside of the VA system. Veterans or families can call the VCP’s toll-free number to verify their eligibility for the program
Scammers have set up a phony telephone line that resembles the VCP’s real telephone number. Con artists are using a phone number that’s almost identical to the real thing, counting on creating confusion. You call and think you’ve reached the VCP. The fake line’s message says you’re entitled to a rebate if you provide a credit card number. But if you give up your account information, they’ll debit your account and you’ll get nothing in return. There is no rebate and you’ll need to cancel your credit card.

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