Commander and Adjutant Association

Forms for 2016:

CA Nomination Form 2016



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  1. Ronald S. Pandos says:

    Your officers for 2015/2016

    Ronald Pandos (chp 9) President
    Virgil Williams (chp 33) Vice President
    Dave Sousa (chp 39) Past President
    Ann Schermer (chp 44) Secretary/Treasurer
    Bob Brandt (chp 32) Chapter Representative
    Ray Helton (chp 63) Chapter Representative
    J. Halfor-Pandos (chp 9) Chapter Repreentative
    Richard Warner (chp 26) Chapter Representative
    Danny Oliver Judge Advocate
    Dan Capri Chaplain
    Dennis Hammons Audit Committee
    Tommy Howell Audit Committee
    Fred White Audit Committee

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