 Legislation of the 115th House of Representatives:

Introduced –
H.R. 369, Eliminating the Sunset Date of the Choice Act –
Eliminating the Sunset Date of the Choice Act, would eliminate the statutory sunset date for the Choice Program and instead allow the program to continue until the original funding has been expended. The Choice Act included language to state that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is authorized to continue services until August 7, 2017, or until the funds provided under the Choice Act ran out, whichever occurred first. While the authorization is set to expire on August 7, 2017, the VA has informed Congress there will still be funds remaining in the Veterans Choice Program after August 7, meaning veterans could still access health care services under the Choice Act if Congress eliminates the sunset date. Should Congress eliminate the sunset date of the Veterans Choice Program, veterans utilizing the program can continue seeking care outside the VA under this authority, paid for with funds that have already been appropriated, while Congress continues to pursue VA reform.
H.R. 1181: Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act –
The Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act would prohibit VA from considering any beneficiary who is assisted by a fiduciary as “mentally defective” without a magistrate or judicial authority ruling that the beneficiary is a danger to themselves or others.
Passed House –
H.R. 512: WINGMAN Act –
The WINGMAN Act allows designated permanent, full time Congressional staffers to look up the status of a veteran’s claim on VA’s database—but only if the veteran has given the staffer permission
H.R. 974: Boosting Rates of American Veteran Employment (BRAVE) Act –
The BRAVE Act is designed to boost veteran employment by allowing VA to give preference when awarding procurement contracts to government contractors who employ veterans on a fulltime basis
H.R. 28: The Biological Implant Tracking and Veterans Safety Act –
The Biological Implant Tracking and Veterans Safety Act directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to adopt the FDA’s unique device identification system (UDI) for labeling of all biological implants and to implement an automated inventory system to ensure veterans do not receive expired or otherwise contaminated tissue

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