 VA death verification system update:

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has implemented a new policy change that affects all veterans. The VA is currently in the process of updating its procedure to request further confirmation of a veteran’s death before it terminates any and all payments to the veteran. Basically, the process will now involve more exhaustive confirmation of a veteran’s death before payments are stopped. For instance, when VA officials believe that a veteran has died, the VA will send a letter to his or her address on file and request confirmation of the death from a surviving family member. If the VA doesn’t receive a response from the family — or from a veteran erroneously believed to be dead — only then will the VA terminate payments permanently. [Source: U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs | August 23, 2017 ++]
You also need to be aware of the fact that you may be liable for any overpayments to the veteran’s account.

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