Call to Action from DAV/DAVA National Commander’s McIntosh and Stake

Representative Corrine Brown, Ranking Member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, introduced H.R. 2054, a bill that would provide increased access to VA health care for women veterans.

The bill would require the VA to ensure continuous availability of gender-specific services at every VA health care facility, including community-based clinics.

As established and documented in DAV’s September 2014 Report, Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home, women veterans are the fastest growing cohort in the VA’s current treatment population, but VA programs have not kept pace with the rate of growth. DAV made a series of recommendations both to VA and Congress to improve conditions in which women veterans would enjoy greater access to an appropriate array of services. The Brown bill is a direct outgrowth of DAV’s report.

Please contact your Representative to urge co-sponsorship and enactment of H.R. 2054. As always thank you for your active participation in the Commander’s Action Network.

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