Call you Senator Today 7/29/22 or NLT Monday Morning 8/1/22

As a reminder, the PACT Act will provide health care and presumptive benefits for veterans exposed to hazardous environments. After years of fighting, we are close to comprehensive toxic exposure legislation. We need your help again to keep the pressure on the Senate to get it passed. On June 16th, the Senate passed the Honoring Our PACT Act 84-14. Unfortunately, due to a procedural issue, the House returned it to the Senate. On June 24th, the Senate tried to pass the corrected version, however, that was blocked by one Senator. The House introduced the Senate version of the PACT Act and on July 13th they passed it out of the House with a vote of 342-88. The bill then went to the Senate. However, on Wednesday July 27th, the bill was stopped from going to the Senate floor. Twenty-five Senators who voted to pass the PACT Act on June 16th, voted on Wednesday to stop the bill. The PACT Act will be voted on again in the Senate on Monday. We need you to CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY. Tell them to vote “YES” for S. 3373, Honoring Our PACT Act. This bipartisan bill provides a truly comprehensive solution to toxic exposures and our fellow veterans and their families can’t afford to wait. Click the action button to get the phone numbers for your Senators and call them NOW. Please use the script we have provided. Once you have made your calls, please provide feedback. Thank you for your support of America’s service disabled veterans and their families.
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