Homeless Assistance Bill Introduced

Senator Richard Blumenthal introduced S. 1885, the Veteran Housing Stability Act of 2015. This bill would expand service and assistance to include veterans who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, and veterans with very low incomes. This expansion would also include veterans moving into transition housing, and eventually gaining permanent residential occupancy. In addition, this bill would expand the current definition of “covered veteran” to include a veteran who is enrolled in the VA homeless registry.

This legislation would require VA to implement case management oversight for veterans enrolled in the homeless registry, and participating in programs falling under the homeless veteran category.. The bill would also designate intense case management sites in three locations with the highest homeless veteran populations, and three in suburban or rural areas. It would also permanently authorize the National Center for Homelessness Among Veterans.

The bill would require VA to conduct outreach, educating housing authorities and others with resources relative to housing about the needs of veterans, and the benefits of having veterans as tenants, and to build upon community relationships. This bill would establish criteria to use in determining success or failure of the services provided, and would require related reports.

Please write your Senators today to urge their co-sponsorship and enactment of this important bill. As always, thank you for your advocacy in participating in the DAV Commander’s Action Network.

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