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S. 3304/H.R. 5754, the Patient Advocate Tracker Act would require the Office of Patient Advocacy to either develop a new IT system or upgrade its existing one to allow patients, or their designated representatives, to electronically file complaints and view the status of those complaints.

VA’s current IT system allows all veterans’ interactions with patient advocates to be monitored, compiled and analyzed however, veterans lack access to the system. This legislation would require VA to develop the IT infrastructure to allow veterans to have direct access to file and track their complaints in the system.

DAV believes veterans have the right to a transparent process that adequately addresses their complaints and we are pleased to support this legislation. DAV Resolution No. 025 calls upon VA to establish equitable grievance processes and train staff to administer them.

We call on all DAV members and supporters to contact their Senators and Representative and urge them to co-sponsor and support this legislation.

Thank you for supporting DAV as we fight for improvements in VA’s patient advocacy program. .Take Action!

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