VA defends plan to cut thousands of dollars from elderly vets’ benefits:

On May 24th, Veterans Affairs officials defended plans to strip ten of thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits from elderly veterans as responsible reforms to the department’s growing budget.. Included in President Trump’s $186.5 billion VA budget for fiscal 20185 are plans to dramatically cut the department’s Individual Unemployability program.
Administration officials want to stop those payouts once veterans are eligible for Social Security retirement benefits, arguing that those individuals should no longer qualify for unemployment benefits.
For Oklahoma veterans collecting Individual Unemployability, they would lose state benefits sucvh as the sales tax exemption, property tax reduction, reduced automobile tag fees, and many more.
If you are opposed to this budget cut you need to write your Senator and House member letting them know your feelings. If possible, it helps to also let them know the reason for your objection.
As of June 15, 2017, the proposed Individual Unemployability cut was still in the budget. Sen. John Tester (Mont) stated that he is receiving hundreds of call from veterans objecting to the elimination of the program for veterans age 62 or older.

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